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Success stories documented


Vanaraja birds – An income generation for tribal women

Backyard poultry is a traditional livelihood activity of rural people since long years. But it has been encountering constraints such as low egg production and poor weight gain , poor vaccination and higher mortality rate. To overcome these, various types of poultry birds came into existence among them vanaraja birds are one. The added advantage of these birds are higher egg production coupled with higher weight gain. Since 2011 KVK, Rastakuntubai has been motivating tribal families to carry out backyard poultry under the Tribal Sub Plan trough Vanaraja birds. Many tribal families are economically benefited especially tribal women.


Kalavati a tribal women who came forward to rear Vanaraja birds. With the help of KVK she was also exposed to established poultry units in the districts and learned the maintainace of shed, rearing   of birds, vaccination schedules and marketing etc. at first she received   10 vanaraja birds having 1 month age from KVK under Tribal Sub Plan. Soon after she received from KVK she started to maintain them with available feed similar to desi birds. Within one month she observed the much growth as compared desi birds.



Till acclimatize the local environment she reared the birds under well constructed shed. she knew that importance of vaccination and health care despite of her vast experience over desi birds against different diseases such as new castle, IBD, CRD, raniket, gumboro and pox lesions. So that soon after observing the symptoms of any above disease in vanaraja birds she used to approach to kvk scientist by person or by telephone. KVK also trained her how to and when to control the above diseases and what precautionary measures one has to follow.


In every month she observed the weight differences in vanaraja birds. She further noticed that 6 month onwards vanaraja birds take feed more and give weight as compared to initial periods. As age increases weight increases.


Time intervals

Weight gain

By 4 months

1 kg

By 6 months

2 kg

By 12 months

3 kg

By 18 months

4 kg

By two years most of the vanaraja birds having 4- 4 ½ kg weight then she started to sell them in Gumma Lakshmipuram.market. Birds attracted many of the viewers.

Economic impact of vanaraja birds as compared to desi birds


Particulars (per bird)

Country birds

Vanaraja bird


Maximum   wt in 2 years (kg)

2 ½

4 ½


Cost including feed (Rs)




Sale Price (Rs)




Returns (Rs)




Profit (Rs)




Benefit cost ratio




She got the profit of Rs.1080/- rupees on each bird as compared desi birds (Rs.620/-). Earlier she used to gain Rs.1000/- per month through Agril. Income as farmer now she is getting Rs.5000/- per month through the sale of these Vanaraja birds. Being noticed the result, the intervention has quickly attracted the farmers, farm women. Tribal youth of with in and near by villages in the tribal area of the district. By seeing her success 10 other tribal women in the same village came forward. Now she become the master trainer to them in rearing Vanaraja birds.


The women earned Rs.1080/- as a net profit for each vanaraja bird against Rs.540/- for desi bird. The benefit cost ratio is 4.5 indicates for every one rupee farmer gets four rupees fifty paisa as a profit as compared to three rupee fifty seven paisa for desi bird.





News & Events

Technology Week 2014-15

Technology Week was organized from 27-12-2014 to 02-01-2015 in KVK, Rastakuntubai Campus with funds of ATMA. The ATMA, Vizianagaram provided Rs.50,000 for organization of technology Week.      

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Success Stories

Success stories documented

Vanaraja birds – An income generation for tribal women Backyard poultry is a traditional livelihood activity of rural people since long years. But it has been encountering constraints such as low egg production.....

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