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Technology Week 2014-15

Technology Week was organized from 27-12-2014 to 02-01-2015 in KVK, Rastakuntubai Campus with funds of ATMA. The ATMA, Vizianagaram provided Rs.50,000 for organization of technology Week.      

Radio Programmes

Phone in live on “Method of cultivation of Rabi maize and pulses. by Smt. U. TriveniSMS (Crop Production). Radio talk on “Varilo Samagra Sasyarakshana by Dr. P. Udayababu. Rabi maize cultivation and management.....

Successful Technologies

Farmers’ reactions on specific technologies

Farmers were happy with performance of 'SRI' cultivation of paddy. Farmers were positively responded about yield of paddy due to Green manure incorporation in Paddy. Farmers were impressed about the Yields of.....

Success Stories

Success stories documented

Vanaraja birds – An income generation for tribal women Backyard poultry is a traditional livelihood activity of rural people since long years. But it has been encountering constraints such as low egg production.....

Publications, KVK Rastakuntubai

Publications brought out by the KVK Co-ordination with AIR , T V Programme and Print media Radio programmes, Popular articles published .